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I like his face it looks funny!

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Hey guys and welcome all of you to Harry Potter lovers wiki this is a place where people like Harry Potter fans can come and chill it's a place where all of us can show our true potter head colors like every single one of us does something nerdy! This is the place were the Harry Potter nerds go I mean most people will never amid that they like it cos they think it's dorky but here is a place where we all of us are who we really are there are no boundaries to find real caring people! This is the place where it's happening. It's the place where being a Harry Potter nerd will always be in fashion. Any HP fan can join. HP fans it's time to speak up! So thanks everyone I hope you like it. Edit

Harry PotterEdit

Harry Potter is the creation of J.K Rowling. This creation has grown into a world wide phenomenon. it has seven fantasic books about the life of Harry Potter in his school days. It has eight extraordinary movies and the greatest cast/crew in all time. But sadly it is now in league with the gayest thing I have ever seen in my lifetime. Yes I'm talking about Twilight. Twilight is written by Stephanie Meyer about a bunch of sparky vampries. It really has nothing compared againist Harry Potter. Harry Potter is about how important to have real friends, bravely, to find yourself and the most important love is the most power magic. Twilight however is has no good morals at all just how important it is to have a boyfriend and that girls can't do anything which isn't true! Twilight sucks and will never be Hotter than Potter!Edit


Hogwarts Wichcraft and Wizardry is the school of magic in the Harry Potter series written by J.K Rowling. It's a fictional school for wizards and witches up to 11 and 17. You should have probably taken a test so please tell me what house you are in.

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Harry Potter

Minerva WRFFGG

Think Minerva has always been a kind person at heart always on the inside wants only her house to win! This photo was taken in the second movie!

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